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How to Offer the Best Equine Bone and Joint Support to Your Horse

Horses are incredible farm animals especially if you keep them as a pet or for work purposes. Having a horse at your home or farm requires the best care just like any other animal that you might own. However, each animal requires a unique care regimen especially when it comes to horses. The fact that horses can develop an issue with bones is one of the things that you need to watch out for. Horses have a high risk for injuries and pain related to bones. One particular issue that most horses develop is a navicular disease. It is a common issue that leads to lameness in horses. Therefore, if you have a horse it is essential to have a look at its behavior so that you can know when there is an issue with pain and bone injuries. There are essential things that you can look at to know whether your horse has some issues that can suggest navicular disease.

First, is a sign of pain or discomfort. The fact that the horse will be going through some difficulty when walking means that it has something that is bothering its foot. Lameness is yet another sign that would be great to watch out for this condition. For an athletic horse, it is easier to know when there is lameness because it will tend to lay down or even have a stance that shows that there is an issue with its legs. If you take a close look at the foot you will note some levels of inflammation. There will be chronic inflammation, especially in the area around the navicular bone. Therefore, if you know where to look it will be much easier to have an idea whether there is a navicular bone disease that might be affecting your horse. Especially if you have an athletic horse you will be able to suspect that it might be the same disease that is affecting your horse. However, if you are not sure about the condition it matters if you can consider getting a veterinary to come and check it out. A professional doctor who deals with horses will be able to know what is affecting your horse right away by doing some diagnoses.

Having an expert is essential because you will get the possible cure or treatment solutions that you can use in case of a disease that is affecting the legs and bones of your horse. There are many methods suggested for taking care of a navicular disease such as the use of steroids and other methods. However, given that navicular disease has no cure it means that most of the methods will not likely fully treat the issue for good. Hence, some methods will only offer short-term relief or even cause further damage such as the use of steroids under minimal care. Although the classic methods do not always lead to satisfactory results as a horse owner you can consider trying something else that might have a higher success rate such as gallium nitrate. It is an essential treatment that offers some high levels of research according to some individual research work. This would be great as it would help to support and strengthen the bones affected by this disease.

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